Noel's Restoratives Beard & Mustache Kit

$ 29.75

At long last we've brought our signature beard oil and mustache wax together, and present them now to you in the form of a lovely kit! Each kit contains an amber glass bottle filled with two ounces of hand crafted beard oil, a card containing the family history behind our line of goods, and a one  half ounce tin of our mustache wax. A perfect introduction to grooming items for men, and a great gift idea, our kit gives you all the goods at a significantly discounted price!

  • Noel's Restoratives Beard Oil is a cruelty free heritage item, comprised of grapeseed oil, to hydrate your under-scruff skin; argan oil to keep your whiskers hydrated and pliable; jojoba, a liquid wax to extend the life of your beard; sesame oil, a vitamin E rich oil which helps repair follicles; and lastly, a secret blend of essential oils and fragrances. The scent will cause you to feel as though you're firmly planted in the middle of a stand of summer pine and honeysuckle.
  • Our mustache wax is an all natural combination of beeswax for hold, Shea butter for pliability, skin friendly grapeseed oil, and fragrance. The result is an olfactory treat, with a citric and minty splash, and a lingering spicy musk that's reminiscent of a cedar sauna. Noel's Restoratives Mustache Wax helps train your follicles away from your mouth, tames stray hairs and brings them into the fold, and lets you transform your follicular friends into whatever style suits your fancy.