Noel's Restoratives Aftershave

$ 19.95

Even a fine beard needs definition: a well-placed neckline, or a groomed cheek, can make or break a beard. That's why we've created Noel's Restoratives Aftershave!

At last, an aftershave that does what it's supposed to. Our formula uses witch-hazel distillate for tightening down your pores after a shave and reducing the inflammation that can accompany it, water loving vegetable glycerin to keep your skin moisturized, a small amount of plant based emulsifying wax for a creamy texture and sealant properties, and grapefruit seed extract to preserve both the shelf life of our ware and the safety of your skin. Noel's Restoratives Aftershave contains no ethanol, contains natural compounds that are anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial - the icing on the cake is that it won't irritate your skin at all! Our new fragrance combines the soothing smell of Hungarian Bay with other essential oils to produce a crisp, clean application scent that mutes quickly, leaving you free to apply our beard oil or mustache wax with no conflicting odors.

Each bottle contains two fluid ounces of this men's grooming necessity. Suited for both the well groomed fuzzy gentleman and the clean cut alike.