Noel's Restoratives Mustache Wax

$ 9.95

One of the more consistent memories Noel has of his grandfather is from his childhood, during home-cooked meals, where he’d watch his gramps try and navigate food into his mouth past his mustache. Often, he’d end up wearing as much of the meal as he’d eat, Noel said, and we used this memory as inspiration for our mustache wax.

We've mashed up a combination of beeswax for hold, Shea butter for pliability, skin friendly grapeseed oil, and paired them with natural fragrance. The result is a musky, spice-rich olfactory treat that helps train your follicles away from your mouth, tames stray hairs and brings them into the fold, and lets you transform your follicular friends into whatever style suits your fancy.

To use, just scrape a pea-sized amount of wax up with the back of your fingernail and rub it between your index fingers to warm it. Once it feels pliable, work your index fingers outward from the center of your mustache, toward the tips. If the wax is too stiff to work, you can run a blow-dryer over the tin for a few seconds to prep it for use. When the wax is evenly distributed, shape with your fingers, or use a comb to put on the finishing touches.

Each gloriously useful tin holds one half ounce.